Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Beginnings.

The closer it gets to moving day, the more real it feels. Tomorrow is my last day at Food Lion. We send our first load of stuff up north tomorrow. And our two rooms are getting filled with more and more boxes. 

I have been so excited to move; to have our own place. Yet, I never knew that saying goodbye to my job at Food Lion would be so hard. After tomorrow I would have only worked there for two months. Yet, having to say goodbye to everyone has been hard. I have grown to love the people that I worked with (except for a few people that I never really liked, haha), in a way they become my second family. Goodbyes started yesterday; and it was hard. Today was harder. And tomorrow will be the hardest. 

However, even though I am leaving this Food Lion, I am thankful that I am able to transfer to another Food Lion about eight miles from our new place, so I will be able to stay with this company. I keep telling everyone, that they need to just transfer up north with me, so we can stay together, but all I can do is hope that the new store I am going to has the same atmosphere that I feel in love with at the Troutman store.

Here's to new beginnings... 

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