Monday, September 26, 2016

Celebrating two weeks early!

So I decided to take control for this anniversary. I decided to do a staycation for our first anniversary in a way to save some money and when I found out the in-laws would be gone for 8 days during the last week of September/beginning of October, I thought it would be perfect to celebrate our anniversary then, even though it was two weeks early.

Mr. Chef made, or at least attempted to make, us a delicious barley soup for lunch since we went to the Annual Chili Cook Off down in Mooresville for dinner. 

Got out our Virginia reception cake from the freezer for desert.
(We even got fancy and got out the same cutting set that we used for the Virginia reception.)

Cake verdict: Other than a slight stale taste, it tasted just fine. 

What better glasses to drink our sparkling juice out of than our Mr. and Mrs. cups? 

And since it was a stay-cation, we just moved on downstairs to the guest bedroom for the night (and for the next 7 days...)

It was so fun to reminisce about our wedding day and to have some alone time with just the two of us. I can't wait for the real deal in just two weeks. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Falling into Autumn!

With the last few weeks of summer....
  • A bad allergic reaction to medication sent us to the emergency room early one morning. 
  • One of us dropped and shattered their phone screen and had to go back to their old phone... (I will let you guess who it was.) 
  • Brandon and I started school at BYU-I! Taking a year long break to get married and move across the country was way to long. 
  • We learned that Izzy HATES the garage. She loves going outside, but as soon as you put her in the garage, she goes straight to door and waits for you to let her inside. 
  • I finally found another job as a cashier. 
  • Izzy has started to really look like a cat, and not a kitten, this past week and I am not okay with that. Why can't she stay small for forever? 
  • Also, we discovered that Izzy is fascinated with our fall candle that we keep in the bathroom. Every night, without fail, we find her in there staring at it. Brandon and I joke that she is conjuring up a way to kill us. ;) 
  • Izzy is in a phase where she likes to take Brandon's spot in the bed at night making him have to sleep on the floor. 
  • Lastly, Izzy went on her first trip to Walmart. She was not impressed... 

And now that it is the first day of Fall... Pumpkins. Cooler weather. Corn mazes. Meals in the crockpot. Our first anniversary. The start of the holidays. I seriously can't wait to see what is in store for us this year. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dinner with the Graff side.

After not being able to go to Winston Salem back in July, we were finally able to make it out there tonight and have dinner with some family from my side.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Husband appreciation post.

Happy birthday to my sweet, loving, computer nerd of a husband; turned 21 today! (Make sure to wish him Happy Birthday in the comments.) So I thought what better way to tell him happy birthday than to make a lovey-dovey post all about him. Just what he wanted, a post all about him. ;)

Weird fact: Brandon and I are 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day apart in age.

Brandon is the best... Listener. Back scratcher. Cuddler. Knower of how to make me smile and laugh. Workout buddy.

He puts up with my random requests throughout the day, like giving me kisses in even intervals only. Or wanting to wear his wedding band. 

He makes the best "stinky pasta".

He silently suffers, minimal complaining, whenever I listen to the music that I loved as a teen. (I don't think I will ever grow tired of listening to the Jonas Brothers,  Hannah Montana, and High School Musical.)

I always hope and pray that when we do have kids, that they take after him.
Smart. Gorgeous. Funny. Caring. The perfect combo.

Brandon and I both hate night driving. But he knows that I hate it more, so 98% of the night driving, he drives it.

He is a computer genius. 
Dating story:  (This was before I knew how he was with computers.) A few hours before he was to pick me up for our second date, I was trying to download something, but instead download a Trojan virus. He came over, we went on our date, a walk around Manti Temple, and afterwards came up to my dorm room and fixed my laptop within an hour. He ended up saving me from having to make a dreaded trip to the IT department that next morning. :)