Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Staying occupied.

How to stay occupied when you have a major sunburn and going out (or doing anything really) isn't an option.

1. Netflix. Lots and lots of Netflix. Find a good TV show (Parenthood for me) and just binge watch it.

2. Think about working out because working out isn't an option since going to the gym bra less wouldn't be pretty.

3. After thinking about working out, attempt to workout at home. But after 2 minutes, quit and go back to binge watching Parenthood.

4. Take naps. With lots of pillows. Because sleeping at night isn't that great with a hurtful sunburn.

5. Consider going to Carowinds with the husband, but decided against it last minute, because...
Rollercoasters + Sunburn = No Fun
So, while the hubster is gone, clean your "apartment" and watch more episodes of Parenthood.

Side note: I thought this post was longer. I guess that is what happens when I write it on my phone and not on my computer for once. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Marriage is hard.

Life can get kind of crazy. Life can get kind of stressful. In case all of the posts on everyone's social media, including mine, have fooled you into thinking that marriage is perfect and easy, it's definitely not. Of course it is wonderful and beautiful and divine, but the one thing it is not, is easy. In fact it can be really, really hard.

The hardest thing we've had to face in our marriage thus far is learning how to deal with our "demons". Between Brandon's old job making it hard for him to move past it and my depression and learning how to manage it; it seems like one of us is always struggling and often at the same time. It's a constant ordeal it seems.
A while ago I started crying and I asked him,
"Why did we get these trials? What did we do to deserve them?"
He replied...
"Everyone has their demons. Mine is my old job and yours is depression. But as long as we stick together, we will get through it and come out stronger. And before you know it, these trials will just be a memory."

His response made me love him and appreciate him even more. Then it hit me. The times that we are at our lowest, the times that we struggling, are the times that we have felt the luckiest and the most thankful to have one another. It has also brought us closer together as a couple and strengthened our love for each other even more.

I love this quote from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:
"Love is a fragile thing, and some elements in life can try to break it. Much damage can be done if we are not in tender hands, caring hands. To give ourselves totally to another person, as we do in marriage, is the most trusting step we take in any human relationship. It is a real act of faith - faith all of us must be willing to exercise. If we  do it right, we end up sharing everything, - all our hopes, all our fears, all our dreams, all our weaknesses, and all our joys - with another person."