Friday, July 29, 2016

Myrtle Beach!

Last minute trips are the best! :) 

I'm one of those people who loves staying in hotels. Especially when that hotel has a king sized bed and a flat screen TV. 

We had to walk 4 blocks to the place we chose for lunch. It took us 10 minutes, but felt like 30. 

After lunch, we finally got to the beach! 

We picked up Brandon's friend and drove 20 minutes to a less busier spot of Myrtle Beach to enjoy. 

By the end of our beach trip, I had sand in places that I didn't think were possible...
And to make this trip perfect, Brandon let me get a soveinor to remember our trip. Haha. 

The past 3 week have been so fun. It was basically a late honeymoon/early anniversary getaway for us. Now that we got to enjoy this summer to the fullest, I guess it's back to reality. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Seriously, Brandon and I could not keep just one schedule for our road trip. First, we pushed our trip back by half a week. Second, we decided not to camp in Colorado for the last 2 nights that we had planned for. Then, we ended up coming to Utah early. And lastly, since we got to Utah earlier than planned, we chose to leave Utah sooner than we planned. But luckily, we were able to spend 4 whole days in Utah. :) 

I may be married, but I will never be to old for YWs as long as Amber and Shelby are there. :)

Spent a lot of time with my sister's cat. 

Triple degree weather = pool time.

Mandatory stop whenever we are in town. Payson Utah Temple. The same temple we got married in.

No trip to Utah would be complete without stopping by Big Papa's Tri-Tip BBQ booth over at Fiesta Days. 

Where eternity all began...

Our Utah trip, okay our whole trip, went back way to fast and we are currently on the journey home! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Colorado: Redstone Campground

Meredith, Colorado to Carbondale, Colorado.
I told Brandon that if there was no red in the scenery at this campground, was gonna be mad. Because in my opinion, don't name something if it has no relation to that name. But thankfully, there was red stone surrounding us. Haha.

Long story short: The camp host had accidentally double booked our site, so she moved us to another one. I'm pretty sure we got the better end of the deal. Closer to bathrooms, showers, and more private of a location. And she even gave us a free bundle of firewood for the trouble. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Colorado: Chapman Campground

Dillon, Colorado to Meredith, Colorado.

Drove about 4 hours to our new campsite. I'm if we didn't have Izzy, I don't know if I would ever go home to North Carolina. Camping in the mountains is so pretty and so peaceful.

Tip: When Google Maps gives you the longer route instead of the usual fastest route, LISTEN  to it. If not, you get to face 30 minutes of hell on a dirt road before turning around and taking the longer, safer route. 
This is after we made it off that road alive....

Monday, July 18, 2016

Colorado: Prospector Campground

Kansas to Dillon, Colorado.
WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE.  After camping in Kentucky, I wasn't sure I wanted to camp for 4 days in Colorado, but as soon as we got into the mountains, the weather was perfect and it made me so excited to for our camping trip. :)

No road trip is complete without matching state themed sweatshirts. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Midland Railroad Hotel.

Kentucky to Kansas. Midland Railroad Hotel.

(Ignore the fact that we are wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Let's just say, last night's camping was a rough one. Haha.)

Never has a shower felt so nice. Or sleeping in a soft, warm bed. A last bit of comfort before we start our camping trip in Colorado. 

**Also, if you are ever in Kansas and are in need of a hotel, got to the Midland Railroad Hotel. It's the cutest little hotel in the middle of nowhere. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Land Between The Lakes.

First leg of the trip. North Carolina to Kentucky.

Don't worry, this picture is deceiving. We definitely weren't smiling by the end of the night. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. 

A few miles away from our exit for our destination, an 18-wheeler blew a tire a hundred feet in front of us. 

Get to the campgrounds only to find out our tent is broken. (Tip: Buy a Coleman tent, not an Ozark tent.) 

Drive 20 minutes to Walmart to buy a new tent. 

Have to set up the new tent in the dark. And humidity. 

We learned a good lesson that night, never go camping in Kentucky. Haha. The only thing that got me through that night was the hotel we were staying at the next night. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Izzy ---> Cone of shame.

Tomorrow will  mark a week after getting Izzy spayed. So now here are some pictures that I said would appear on here. :) 

When we came home from the vet, she wanted to be petted and loved on. It was so cute. 

Even though she just had her lady parts removed, she still wanted to play like normal. 

And she still wanted to go downstairs. (She can't until her cone of shame is off.) 

Family bonding. Kourtney watching Parenthood. Brandon working. Izzy napping. 

She was extra sweet and loving during all of her recovery. It was a nice change from her normal spunk.

Just sleeping on Brandon one night. She has never done that before. Guess she just needed some extra love. 

She that thing next to her? That's her bed. But she won't use it as a bed, but as a cave (bed flipped upside down). We thought with her surgery she would actually use it as a bed for once, but nope. Wouldn't come near it when it was a bed. 

Fun fact: I thought Izzy was going to be hard giving her pill for her pain medication each morning. It was the complete opposite. She just licked it right up out of my hand. Haha. Every. Single. Time. 

Brandon called me into the office one day. I walk in there thinking he wanted to ask me something. Nope. He just wanted me to take a picture of Izzy. She had been sitting like that for 5 minutes before he called for me. 

Izzy had a visitor. Until her cone comes off, she is bedroom bound. Clearly Sam (Satan) missed his the little troublemaker. 

***We are currently (okay, just me, Brandon is working) packing and getting ready to head out tomorrow afternoon for the start of our CO.UT (Colorado and Utah) trip. Wahoo! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Her lady parts are gone!

Just got back from the vet with Izzy. Be prepared for lots of pictures with Izzy and her cone of shame.

After almost an hour of being home, she is finally sleeping next to Brandon as he works. 

Say goodbye to your lady parts!

Just dropped Izzy off at the vet to get spayed today. Be prepared for pictures the next few days of Izzy in pain and in a cone of shame.

P.S. Brandon and I have postponed our CO.UT (Colorado and Utah) trip for 4 to 7 days for Izzy's sake. We decided it wasn't a good idea to leave her just a day after her surgery and then be gone for 2 weeks.

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th: Lake Norman

Happy 4th of July! We celebrated during the weekend because the in-laws had friends in town and because the FIL had to work today.

Side note: Leading up to the weekend, I told my MIL I might not get in the water because my period may or may not have started at that time (TMI?). I ended up having to reassure her that I was not pregnant just because my period was a few days late. Haha.

We celebrated the holiday the best way possible, out on the lake.

Brandon trying to get into the tube. 

This is the only way Brandon will wear flip flops... with socks. 

I was trying to take selfies without him knowing. Clearly that didn't work out. 

Brandon wanted me to take a picture of the 'Ice Cream Boat' and put it on the blog. Haha.