Sunday, March 19, 2017

Catocin Creek Park.

Catocin Creek Park was the major adventure this weekend since I had the whole weekend off and we finally had a decent warm day since the snowstorm that we had this past week. Other small adventures this weekend were: watching four movies, getting Izzy's nails clipped, Cafe Rio (I'm pretty sure this is becoming a weekly tradition.), and lots of relaxation. 

Actually used our nice camera instead of our phone's camera for once. 
The more I lose the weight I gained from antidepressants and the closer I get to my original weight, the more comfortable I get with having the camera on me. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snow day!

Well, we finally got our first snow storm of the season (and our last one too) last night/today.
Because of it I ended up calling out for work; I was scheduled for 8AM, but it was still snowing and the road conditions were awful so I ended up not making it very far (I live about 15-20 minutes away from my job and that is on a good day) before turning around and calling in. So I ended up getting an unexpected day off. Can't complain about that, though I felt awful about calling out. Haha.

And since I wasn't going into work, Brandon called the day off of work too and we spent the cold, dreary day together. Pajamas. Netflix. Cuddles. Sleep. Warm soup. Games. Relaxing. Just what a girl needed. :)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

White Oak Trail

Even though it was still cold, without the wind chill like yesterday, it felt great so we decided to make a trip to Gambrill State Park (we hadn't been since November) which lead to an unplanned 1 mile hike in the 36 degree weather. The original plan was to just walk on a trial for a little bit and then turn around, but after reading over the trials map, we decided on White Oak Trail and to walk the whole loop since it was just a mile long and the difficulty was easy. 

 Found a woodpecker... Brandon was very fascinated with it.

 Went to the Middletown Outlook before heading back home for the day.