Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This year was simple. We only had gifts that fit into our stockings because we got our big gifts from each other back in August (I know pathetic, but we couldn't wait. Haha.).

Christmas Eve shenanigans...

After we had opened our stockings and after a few hours of watching Trollhunters (a new Netflix original TV show), we headed down to Arlington to spend Christmas evening with Brandon's side of the family. 

After a few hours with family, we head out because I had to work early the next day (today). We had a blast celebrating Christmas in our new place and spending it with family. Can't wait to see where we will be at next year for the holidays. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

A life update.

Just a little life update now that Brandon and I have been in Frederick, Maryland for a month this upcoming weekend. 

Oh you know, just a cat and a girl watching Hannah Montana: The Movie together. 

Izzy's new favorite spot...

She still loves bags. 

And she has a newfound love for the bathtub. 

Thanksgiving this year was just the two of us. 

Brandon got an Xbox. 

Paid off my student loan! 

Just a cat and a boy in a big box. 

No Christmas tree this year because of Izzy, so we put the lights that would go on our tree out on the balcony.