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"Poetic Love" (May 8, 2016)
What is love?
What is that feeling you get in your heart?
Or that ache of a still night's air?

What is it to love?
What is it to be loved?
For isn't love necessary?

Love is the expression of trust.
Love is the expression of gratitude.
Love is the expression of friendship.

Love is the glue that holds us together.
Love is the appreciation of a beautiful wife.
Love is the acceptance of a soul to bind with mine.

All of this is true, and all of it lacks in words.
For the love I have for my soul-mate, can never be expressed in words.
No matter how those words are formed, organized, or portrayed.

I am always wondering what next. What new words can I think of to express love?

Love is both emotions, and actions. 

From the silky hair,
To the smooth skin,
To the laugh of her voice,
And to her caring ways.

From the sweet smile,
To the perfect hands,
To the wonderful lips,
And yet to her loving embrace.

From her comforting grasp,
To her happiness and joy,
To her companionship and friendship,
She will always be the one and only.

I love you, Kourtney, forever and always.
"Amazing Things" (March 7, 2016)
Some of the most amazing things in the world are the little things your love will do for you to make your day a little bit easier. It's always easy to forget those small little things, but they are truly amazing things as they define us, at the core and basic daily level, and are truly what we love the most about each other.

One of the amazing little things Kourtney does for me is laundry. She makes my day so much better by doing laundry for me. When I was doing it myself, I often times forgot about it, and it didn't get done, or it spoiled in the washer because I forgot about it. Thanks to you Kourtney, I always have clean clothes.

The other little thing Kourtney does for me is writing these cute little notes for me before work, so I can read them as I sit in the chair. She always writes the sweetest little things on them, and they make it so I start my day great, each and everyday.

My favorite little thing she does is when she comes in when I'm working, and wraps her arms around me as I type on the keyboard. It always puts a smile on my face that she came to see what I was doing. I love those hugs.

I love the little kisses she gives me at night when I'm just about to fall asleep, and the kisses she gives my forehead when she wakes up before me. I love it when she wakes me up by giving me a small peck. That's true luxury.

We haven't been married long, but I sure am glad to have her, and I look forward to each and everyday together into eternity. <3
"Things I Like" (March 5, 2016)
So I really like it when Kourtney tickles me, and tries to get me to smile for her on the camera. If only it was just as easy to get her to smile for me, when I try to take a picture of her. :) I wish I had a picture of her to add to this post, but all I have is this one, which she may not like me putting here, but for my sake I will!

She really does have a very cute sense of humor, and always makes me laugh with the cute little things she does to tickle me, or bug me - all in good fun.

One of the best things about working from home, is that I am always around. One of the worst things about working from home, is that I have to make sure I am actually working sometimes!

As the weather warms up we have been out a bit more, venturing into the wilderness of the state park and going for walks. We had a wonderfully warm night recently and finally got to light that fire in the fire pit we have been talking so much about. She really enjoys it when we get to sit around the fire & talk & chit chat. It's one of those great memories to be made.

We also went on a walk around the neighborhood again recently as it was really warm out, but all in good memory, we had to turn around quick as it was just too dark at the back of neighborhood - which ends up against a heavily wooded area where the scarey and creepy wolves live. ;)

As we wait around to save for the funds to move out, we've played many card games, and so far, I get beat at all of them. I'm not very good, even though I proclaim myself a master and king at Rumy 500, though it's been a while since I last won any rounds of that against my lovely wife!

Kourtney finally learned to play Chess with me, and it's about the only thing I'm better at than her, but we both need to practice our skills. We are bad at that together, I always say. Though she did pick up on it very easily, and did beat me twice at it, but I still have 3 wins to her 2 wins. So I'm still winning, for now. I'm sure she'll out-smart me soon though.

We are growing Strawberries in a bucket - bucket-berries. They've finally started to explode in size, and may need to be potted outside this spring, as they outgrow their very small home. These are Ozark Beauties, and are short-day cycle, so we should be able to get two harvests - once in spring and once in fall.

It's true I want a very large yard to grow a garden of all sorts: peaches, pears, apples, oranges, potatoes, herbs, carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, celery. Unfortunately with our budget, I may only be able to grow a much smaller field of potatoes once we get our own place. A small garden is better than no garden! Kourtney always makes fun of me that I should be a farmer instead.

Kourtney has a very loving laugh and an endearing smile, that lights up the entire room. We have been going to the gym together and so far she spends most of her time there making me smile, as she is just so cute! It's hard not to look across the room and gaze into her eyes at her marvelous beauty. She's a real catch!

I hope this finds everyone well, and everyone knows we are well. Thank you to all who read, and have a blessed day!
"Her Sweet Love" (June 26,2015)
While out in Utah again to see Kourtney in June of 2015 I felt like I was falling in love with the world's most amazing woman again everyday.

She is always so sweet to me, even when I can be a knucklehead at times, and I can look into her eyes and know she loves me and feel the warmth that brings.

It was nice to spend another week with her, and I'm looking forward to having her around all of my days. Everyone deserves something good in their lives, and to have a loving, caring, wonderful special person.

I'm glad that person is Kourtney. She is caring and loving, and puts up with me when I know she'd rather me do it her way instead, and I really appreciate the love she continues to show towards our Heavenly Father. She is an inspiration for goodness in my life and continues to motivate me to improve myself so I can be a better man, a better fiance, and soon, a better husband.

She's coming out here on Saturday!

What a blessing it will be to have her with me and spend time together again and play cards, and board games. We get along so well at times I'm surprised how we ever manage to do it. But that is a blessing I'm happy to keep.

I love this picture of her:

Isn't she just the cutest bundle of joy, even on the phone?

I love that she wears her ring all the time, even after just barely waking up and being on the phone.

Makes me smile each time I see her. Such a wonderful person who is dedicated to the right things, and super supportive.

I pray I can return half as much as she has given me and continues to give me.

I think we'll make a lovely couple, and a lovely family. And anyone can, so long as you love each other. I pray I am honest and open and loving all of my days, so that I may count my blessing each day to have this amazing woman in my life, who's willing to marry me and stay with me into eternity.


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