Monday, June 19, 2017

Vacation 2017 Part 3: The In-between

And the last part of our vacation, the in-between stuff that isn't worthy for its own post, but I still want to post for memory sake.

Went and ate out a lot. Pretty sure we spent like 300 dollars just from eating out at least twice a day. It was worth it, but I am definitely feeling it this morning. Like all of the junk food that I've eaten this past week has finally caught up to me.

 Monocacy National Battlefield. 

First picnic of the year at Baker Park. 

Went and saw the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie (so good by the way) and got myself some new glasses. 

Father's Day brunch with the in-laws in downtown Frederick. 

Made snicker doodle cookies to test out our new camera that we got.

Of course, the week by way too fast and now I head back to work today. But I am so glad to have gotten this time away with Brandon from our normal routines and just to relax and take it slow. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Vacation 2017 Part 2: D.C

Our Thursday destination was D.C.

 Brandon and I each chose a museum that we wanted to see that day and both museums (African American and Holocaust) required tickets for entrance so we had to pick another museum to explore that day, which ended up being the National Museum of Natural History.

Brandon's favorite part of the museum... rocks. Sadly we got to that part of the museum 10 minutes before closing so we had to do a quick walk through, but I promised him that we would go back so we can spend the hour that he would have wanted to spend there. 

Hung around for about an hour after the museum closed because it felt so nice out and because we didn't feel like dealing with the rush hour traffic. 

Vacation 2017 Part 1: Delaware Seashore State Park

I had been looking forward to this vacation since March (or maybe because I wouldn't have to go to work for a full week, ha). Although it wasn't as exciting as last year's vacation, it was still a blast and so nice to spend so much uninterpreted time with Brandon.

After what happened last month during our beach trip we decided to do a redo during this vacation, so on Tuesday we headed out to Delaware to a state park that was a minute walk to the ocean.  We also thought that since we like camping that we would just camp overnight at the state park so we could spend more time at the beach, but that didn't happen. From being hot and humid, to not feeling well between the both of us; after only 3 hours we packed back up and left. We learned a good lesson that day... camping on the beach isn't fun. Ha.

The only time we looked happy on this trip.