Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Izzy ---> Cone of shame.

Tomorrow will  mark a week after getting Izzy spayed. So now here are some pictures that I said would appear on here. :) 

When we came home from the vet, she wanted to be petted and loved on. It was so cute. 

Even though she just had her lady parts removed, she still wanted to play like normal. 

And she still wanted to go downstairs. (She can't until her cone of shame is off.) 

Family bonding. Kourtney watching Parenthood. Brandon working. Izzy napping. 

She was extra sweet and loving during all of her recovery. It was a nice change from her normal spunk.

Just sleeping on Brandon one night. She has never done that before. Guess she just needed some extra love. 

She that thing next to her? That's her bed. But she won't use it as a bed, but as a cave (bed flipped upside down). We thought with her surgery she would actually use it as a bed for once, but nope. Wouldn't come near it when it was a bed. 

Fun fact: I thought Izzy was going to be hard giving her pill for her pain medication each morning. It was the complete opposite. She just licked it right up out of my hand. Haha. Every. Single. Time. 

Brandon called me into the office one day. I walk in there thinking he wanted to ask me something. Nope. He just wanted me to take a picture of Izzy. She had been sitting like that for 5 minutes before he called for me. 

Izzy had a visitor. Until her cone comes off, she is bedroom bound. Clearly Sam (Satan) missed his the little troublemaker. 

***We are currently (okay, just me, Brandon is working) packing and getting ready to head out tomorrow afternoon for the start of our CO.UT (Colorado and Utah) trip. Wahoo! 

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