Thursday, September 15, 2016

Husband appreciation post.

Happy birthday to my sweet, loving, computer nerd of a husband; turned 21 today! (Make sure to wish him Happy Birthday in the comments.) So I thought what better way to tell him happy birthday than to make a lovey-dovey post all about him. Just what he wanted, a post all about him. ;)

Weird fact: Brandon and I are 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day apart in age.

Brandon is the best... Listener. Back scratcher. Cuddler. Knower of how to make me smile and laugh. Workout buddy.

He puts up with my random requests throughout the day, like giving me kisses in even intervals only. Or wanting to wear his wedding band. 

He makes the best "stinky pasta".

He silently suffers, minimal complaining, whenever I listen to the music that I loved as a teen. (I don't think I will ever grow tired of listening to the Jonas Brothers,  Hannah Montana, and High School Musical.)

I always hope and pray that when we do have kids, that they take after him.
Smart. Gorgeous. Funny. Caring. The perfect combo.

Brandon and I both hate night driving. But he knows that I hate it more, so 98% of the night driving, he drives it.

He is a computer genius. 
Dating story:  (This was before I knew how he was with computers.) A few hours before he was to pick me up for our second date, I was trying to download something, but instead download a Trojan virus. He came over, we went on our date, a walk around Manti Temple, and afterwards came up to my dorm room and fixed my laptop within an hour. He ended up saving me from having to make a dreaded trip to the IT department that next morning. :) 

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