Thursday, September 22, 2016

Falling into Autumn!

With the last few weeks of summer....
  • A bad allergic reaction to medication sent us to the emergency room early one morning. 
  • One of us dropped and shattered their phone screen and had to go back to their old phone... (I will let you guess who it was.) 
  • Brandon and I started school at BYU-I! Taking a year long break to get married and move across the country was way to long. 
  • We learned that Izzy HATES the garage. She loves going outside, but as soon as you put her in the garage, she goes straight to door and waits for you to let her inside. 
  • I finally found another job as a cashier. 
  • Izzy has started to really look like a cat, and not a kitten, this past week and I am not okay with that. Why can't she stay small for forever? 
  • Also, we discovered that Izzy is fascinated with our fall candle that we keep in the bathroom. Every night, without fail, we find her in there staring at it. Brandon and I joke that she is conjuring up a way to kill us. ;) 
  • Izzy is in a phase where she likes to take Brandon's spot in the bed at night making him have to sleep on the floor. 
  • Lastly, Izzy went on her first trip to Walmart. She was not impressed... 

And now that it is the first day of Fall... Pumpkins. Cooler weather. Corn mazes. Meals in the crockpot. Our first anniversary. The start of the holidays. I seriously can't wait to see what is in store for us this year. 

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