Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Resolutions for 2017.

I thought about doing a vision board because it seems to be really popular nowadays for new year resolutions, but in the end I decided that I like the classic of just writing it down. And of course nothing like posting your resolutions for the public to see to make sure you don't stop working on them a week into it.

Take my pills. (Brandon will be happy about this one.) I know I don't get enough of the vitamins that I need; so supplements need to happen.

To exercise. And to eat right. I am so tired of not really trying when it comes to being fit and getting  into shape. I have a membership to a gym that I haven't been to in months. I hate that I have gotten to the point that when I think about working out or trying to eat right, I just say that I will start the next day... and then it doesn't happen. And I am so ready to shed the last several (more like 20) pounds that I gained from my depression.

No sugar (such as sweets and soda). For a month. I realized recently that I have an addiction to sugar. When I eat one cupcake, I want to eat all of them... and then I do. Sweets have been my downfall. I can't just have one piece, I need to eat all of it as soon as possible. And then my Pepsi consumption has slowly been rising and I don't like that (even though it taste sooo good). So for a whole month, goodbye to sugar. I am hoping I can go without for a longer period, but I know myself and I would rather start out small and do it in month increments.

Stop procrastinating. I use to not be that way. If it was on my to do list or if I thought of something, it would get done that day; but lately I've been the opposite. My daily to do lists aren't being done. I've been slacking off and becoming lazy. And I want that to change. I miss feeling accomplished at the end of the day and having a tidy apartment.

Put down my phone more. Just yesterday I realized that I am on my phone so much just absently scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. It's like I've been trying to live my life through others instead of living my own life. Its time to start living in reality and not over a screen.

Find meaningful things to do in place of my phone. Spend more time with Brandon. Explore the new area that we live in. Go explore D.C more (we live less than an hour away). Pick up a new hobby.

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  1. great goals! the first few days of no sugar are a challenge, but the feeling of accomplishment is so worth it. you can do it!